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Self-Love - Yoga and Writing

Women MAKE Stories and Placeom are coming together for a special yoga and writing workshop. Join us for this self-care session where you get to nourish your soul and discover your creative potential.


About us:

Daniela is a Writer, a Mindfulness Teacher and the Founder of Women MAKE Stories, a purpose-led business that offers both online and in-person writing and mindfulness workshops to women. 

Anya is a theatre maker and yoga teacher. Realising the magical connection between art and mindfulness, alongside the desire to share creativity and yoga with like-minded people, led her to found Placeom.


About the workshop: 


We will start with 45 min of yoga practice. The focus will be on four aspects that can make us feel more creative: Relaxation, Focus, Imagination and Flow. We will start with some breathing techniques to relax our mind and body and then focus our awareness to the present moment. This will be followed by a guided meditation that will take us on a journey through our imagination. Then we will continue into a dynamic yoga flow where we will explore the notions of lightness, freedom and expansion both in our mind and body. 


Please wear comfortable and sporty clothes and bring a yoga mat. If you don’t have a mat it's ok to practice on the floor or on a carpet.


Following Anya’s yoga and meditation session, in the next 45 min Daniela will guide you through a mix of reflective writing and creative prompts that will help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, nourish your self-love and stimulate your imagination. You’ll leave the workshop knowing how to cultivate self-love and self-compassion, feeling more grounded, aligned with your body and mind, and inspired and motivated to create.


You don't need any prior writing experience. Just bring your pen and notebook or if you prefer you can use your laptop too.