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Bhavna Ram

What draws Bhavna towards yoga is the ability to pause mental introspection and live in a moment, something she aspires to inculcate in her life and share with others as well. Through the discovery of Vinyasa Yoga Bhavna then delved into Ashatanga yoga amongst other types and lately has been really passionate about Hot yoga. She has received her 200Hr training in Spain and 300Hr from Rishikesh India.  Amongst being a yogi Bhavna is an aspiring optician and a passionate painter. She feels that yoga helps her to bring more clarity and do her best in all the aspects of her life. 

Anya Soboleva

Anya is a yogi and performance maker. From a young age, she was intrigued by a performance that uses the language of visual images as the main tool. After several years of working as a scenographer, Anya ventured into the world of dance, mime and physical theatre, taking a more performance making route. During her artistic journey, she has regularly practised yoga and meditation and has noticed extremely positive effects in her creative practice and general wellbeing because of it. This inspired her to go to India and study yoga in order to become a teacher.  It was through realising the magical connection between art and mindfulness, alongside the desire to share creativity and yoga with like-minded artists, which led her to found Placeom.