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Who is this for?

This is a space that is open to professional artists as well as non-professional art enthusiasts who are drawn to expressing themselves creatively or pursue art as their hobby, or simply love being surrounded by art.


What do we offer exactly?

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  • Hatha Dance Flow - creative, dynamic and energising yoga classes that make you feel as if you were dancing

  • Sunday Healing - three hour long workshops twice a month, incorporating creative yoga flow, yoga nidra meditation, creative reflection, delicious teas/cakes and discussions at the end

  • An opportunity to showcase your work at one of our regular events. 

  • Regular inspirational newsletters with meditation tips 

  • And more to come

To put it simply, we are a platform that brings together art and mindfulness by offering ​yoga and meditation workshops​, ​a space for showcasing creative work as well as ​various other yogic and artistic opportunities.

Placeom's  mission is to build a community of artists and art lovers who are excited to make yoga and meditation an integral part of their daily life. An artists’ creative process is as daunting as it is exciting. Some may experience very little support during their creative journey which could lead to feeling very stressed, anxious and even depressed with no one to turn to for emotional help.


Placeom provides a space where members can recharge and get inspired while incorporating meditation and yogic techniques in their artistic journey.

About us

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