EXPLORATIONS: delve into your creativity

Welcome to the PlaceOm autumn season of yoga and meditation sessions designed especially for those who want to dive deeper into their creative flow. 


Regardless of whether you are an artist or not, creativity is a beautiful and essential part of many professions and everyday activities. Our classes tap into five notions that in our opinion are key to feeling creative: surrendering to the flow of life and being in the moment; bringing into your mind more focus and clarity; looking after your physical and mental health; becoming more sensitive and perceptive; bringing a flood of positive energy into your lives. 

Oct. 4 - Going With The Flow BOOK

Goal: to help you to ease into the now, surrender to what is and embrace the present moment. 


We will explore the idea of going along with the stream of events rather than against them, detaching ourselves from the idea of any specific outcome. This will be a dynamic and continuous hatha flow, exploring the water element and focusing on fluid spine movements with eyes often closed, gaze directed inwards. 

Meditation: in motion. We will begin seated with eyes closed, letting the breath and music guide our movements starting from gentle rotation of the head and finishing with the full body movement.


Oct. 18 - Finding Focus BOOK


Goal: to improve focus and bring more concentration and clarity into our daily lives. 


We will be bringing dazed and wondering monkey minds into the now, abandoning any regrets about the past and worries of the future. This will be a strong and steady practice where we will utilise many balancing postures, such as trees and arm balances. Our gaze will be mostly directed at a single point to help us still the flow of thoughts and bring our attention fully into the present moment.

Meditation: Mindfulness Meditation: in this guided meditation we will give our full attention to the weaving of the breath through our body and observe it with concentration and no judgement. 


Nov. 1 - Finding Your Inner Warrior 

Goal: to bring a sense of health and strength into our bodies. 


We will work with the idea that a toned and energised body helps us to develop a feeling of vitality and wholeness in our minds therefore creating an emotional balance. This will be a vigorous and powerful practice where we will use a breath of fire, go through the dancing warrior sequences and work on core strengthening postures to develop strong stamina and natural radiance.

Meditation: Yoga Nidra (Sleep Yoga): a powerful and rejuvenating meditation that takes you on a journey into your imagination. 


Nov. 15 - Tuning Into The Sensitivity 

Goal: to develop our natural ability to expand the way we perceive the world beyond the well-known five senses. 


We will tune into our intuitive way of thinking and begin noticing previously unfelt sensations in and around our bodies. This practice will combine flow and steadiness where we will surrender and ease into hip opening forward folds that instinctively relax our minds making us more open to the unseen energies of the world. 

Meditation: Body Scan: scanning our bodies from toe to head and focusing on different sensations that arise on our skin, inside our bodies, and feelings in our minds. 


Nov. 29 - Generating Positive Energy

Goal: to expand the radiance of our hearts and bring in a flow of positive energy into our lives.


We will electrify our bodies and minds with a feeling of freedom and carefree lightness in order to fuel our sense of happiness and vitality. This will be a stimulating and empowering practice utilising plenty of heart opening backbends and energising handstands, or handstand preparations depending on where you are at in your practice.  

Meditation: Buddhist Loving Kindness meditation. This beautiful meditation powers you to feel gratitude and love towards yourself and all the living beings around you. 


Photo by Marlon Schmeiski


Photo by Lucas Pezzeta