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Our classes are designed to help you balance emotions, relax, and ease into the present moment.  Our sessions consist of flowy, stretchy, hip and heart opening sequences that are aimed to leave you relaxed and get inspired.

Every Thursday, on ZOOM

7pm -8pm





Mini Retreat: Creativity and Mindfulness

Join Anya in her cosy living room for a day of meditation, drawing and reflective writing.

Let’s take a pause, snuggle up and find comfort in our creativity.



Saturday, October 23, 11am -2pm




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Yoga to experience your radiant beauty. Before facing the hurdles of the mind and a 9 to 5, start the day with a nourishing practice that opens you up to your natural glow. Beauty is something that emerges from your spirit, emanates from your smile, shines from your aura. 


Every Tuesday, 7am - 8am, on ZOOM