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Yoga to Experience your Radiant Beauty

Before facing the hurdles of the mind and a 9 to 5, start the day with a nourishing practice that opens you up to your natural glow. Beauty is something that emerges from your spirit, emanates from your smile, shines from your aura. Tamasic food choices, unhealthy emotional habits tend to prevent us from feeling this natural radiance.

In these series, the inner luminosity exalts, as we begin with a soothing embodiment practice (self massage, body tapping, etc.) and carry forward into the hips and heart opening flow. This leaves us feeling open, graceful and ready to embrace the day with a fresh mindset.

Tuesdays: 7am - 8am, £36.90 for a pack of four classes

October Theme: Inner Alignment 


Our October sessions are focused on finding an inner sense of balance within our physical and mental health. We will be working up the body to create correct alignment and symmetry in our physical form to achieve a sense of grace and harmony. The body is seen as a gateway into the emotional realm which balances our energy channels.

Tue. Oct. 5 - Sacred Geometry - Focus: Feet and Hips

Tue. Oct. 12 - Energy of The Creation - Focus: Pelvis

Tue. Oct. 19 - Connecting The Dots - Focus: Spine

Tue. Oct. 26 - Expanding Universe - Focus: Arms and


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